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About Wisdom

The Wisdom International College (WIC) was established in January 2002 by its founder, Mr. Ash Sheikh M.H.M Fowsar (Naleemi, B.A., PGDE), who is a professionally qualified teacher and social worker with the aim of providing Quality Education in English Medium. While the medium of instruction is essentially English, both Sinhala & Tamil are also taught with due importance. Facilities are provided to develop all cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor skills of the students in order to develop a well-balanced personality. Although the school is open for children of both genders, we maintain separate sections and classrooms for boys and girls. Moreover, the school is open for children of all ethnicities with due respect for their cultural differences and values, and, thus, religious and moral education have duly been included in the curriculum. The service of experienced and capable staff members is always sought after to ensure quality standards of education.

Our Vision

To become a leading English-Medium private education service provider in the region, committed to high academic & disciplinary standards with a heightened sense of quality, integrity & customer care.

Our Mission

Our mission at Wisdom is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each child by offering an enriched educational program. We strive for excellence through a hand on approach.


To promote quality education through high academic as well as disciplinary standards in order to produce a generation of disciplined leaders and useful citizens equiped with the qualities of responsibilities and empathy to guide their personal and professional life;


To implement a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculam, integrating both curricular and co-curricular activities, in order to foster valuable leadership qualities and life skills in learners;


To inculcate a strong faith (Iman) along with a deepen sense of gratitude (Shukr), intergrity (Amana) and civility (Ihthiram) towards the creator and all his creatures, promoting social harmony and respecting freedom of faiths;


To help students strengthen their morale to confidently face the challenges of the self, society, and uncertainties of life and meet the needs of the community, country and humanity at large;


To diversify the content delivery rendering a fair amount of emphasis on Attitude, Skills & Knowledge (ASK) to enable a comprehensive 3H personality development in our students.


To provide a safe environment and conducive classrooms for students and teachers to inspire learning and teaching activities in a dynamic and child-friendly setting;


To develop a capable and experienced team of educational leaders, teachers and supporting staff members committed to 'excellence in education' with a heightened sense of intergrity to edequately meet the educational, psychological and mentoring needs of the students;


To provide the customer care and deliver 'quaity service' for all our stakeholders; students, parents, teachers, employees and wider community at large at large;


To optimize mutually beneficial cooperation between the schooland disciplined parents for successful joint venture with regard to our valued children's education, career and personality development.

School History

Wisdom International College is a renowned educational institution in Sri Lanka, providing quality education to students from kindergarten to advanced level. It started in January 2002, with only 30 students and four teachers in Beruwala. The school was founded by Ash Sheikh Fowsar Hussain, who had a vision of providing affordable and high-quality education to children in the area.

In the early years, Wisdom International College faced many challenges. The school had limited resources, and the facilities were not up to the mark. However, the dedicated management, staff and the support of the children helped the school grow and flourish. The school’s reputation for providing quality education spread, and more parents started enrolling their children at Wisdom.

With the increasing demand for quality education, Wisdom International College opened branches in Panadura, Maggona, and Dharga Town. These branches allowed the school to reach a wider audience and provide education to children in different areas. The school’s student population grew from 30 students to over 3000 students, a testament to the school’s success.

Wisdom International College offers both Cambridge and National syllabus to all Wisdomians. The school has a team of highly qualified teachers who provide individual attention to each student. The teachers ensure that each student is well-prepared for the exams and has a good understanding of the subjects.

In 2016, Wisdom International College started a student exchange partnership program with Albert-Einstein Schule, Frankfurt Germany. This program gave students the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn from their peers in Germany. It was a great opportunity for students to develop their language skills and make new friends.

The school has an annual sports meet, talent shows, exhibitions, and many more activities that allow students to showcase their talents and develop their skills. These events are an excellent way for students to develop their confidence and become well-rounded individuals.

The first batch of A/L students at Wisdom International College scored a 100% pass rate in the examination. This achievement was a testament to the quality of education provided by the school. The school’s focus on providing a well-rounded education helped the students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Wisdom International College also organizes international tours for students. In 2018, the school’s football team participated in an international tournament in India. The students also visited France in 2019 for another international football tournament. These tours were a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and learn from their peers in different countries.

Wisdom International College has come a long way since its inception in 2002. The school’s commitment to providing quality education has helped it grow and become one of the most renowned educational institutions in Sri Lanka. The school’s founder, Ash Sheikh Fowsar Hussain, had a vision of providing affordable and high-quality education to children in the area, and his vision has been realized. The school’s success is a testament to the dedication of the staff and the support of the community.